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Senior Profile Forms

The following three items can be found on Naviance:

  1. Post High School Planning Survey (complete, print, and take to the C&CC to make appt with your College Counselor)
  2. Profile & Info for TA Letters of Rec (for your TAs use when writing your letter of rec)
  3. Parent Assessment (Parents - you must be in your own account to access the Parent Assessment)

To access: login to your Naviance account > click "About Me" > choose "My Surveys"

Supplemental Information Form (SIF)

The Teacher Advisor (TA) Request for Information Form is now known as the Supplemental Information Form (SIF).

Download, print and fill in top of the form, and give to the teacher, coach, employer, etc. who can supply helpful information to your TA to complete and return to your TA. Emails to TA ok. Remember to thank all who help you.

The Contract

Please download, print, discuss, sign and turn in The Contract to your TA.